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FRC | German Rum Festival 2023

The place to go for premium rum:
Single Casks & Brilliant Blends from FRC.

It didn’t take long for the FRC (previously Flensburg Rum Company) brand to establish itself among rum lovers. It’s only since 2019 that the northern German sugar cane experts have been showing: We are a safe haven for premium rum and the right place to go for connoisseurs. The recipe for success? Hand-picked single cask rums, some of which have been aged for decades in tropical climates, others fully or for a short period continental. The best example: expressive single casks from Ecuador, which is still rather unknown among rum fans.

The best from two rum nations

Permanently available is the Caribbean Rum from Barbados & Jamaica. Light rum from Barbados meets Jamaican rum with celebrated ester notes. The beautifully designed clear glass bottle contains an intensely tropical fruity blend in natural color. Notes of coconut, vanilla and spicy wood meld with the sweetness of pastry and chocolate. Traditionally distilled in both column and pot stills, the rums for the Caribbean Rum from Barbados & Jamaica mature for 5 years in the tropical climate to the premium ingredient for pure moments of pleasure and fine drinks.