August 28th & 29th, 2021
10 AM to 10 PM & 12 PM to 7 PM
Station Berlin


Dear visitors of the GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL,

we would like to inform you about the current state of planning for this year’s event.

Flexibility is the word of the hour, because the planning of events has become more complicated due to the current situation with COVID, but of course this does not deter us.

This year’s event is currently being prepared at full speed and will be given a new title: We would like to welcome you to the

What can we expect from this? In the past months, face-to-face events were not possible, which is why many things were implemented digitally. We, too, have aligned our events digitally, such as our well-known rum, gin and whisky tastings, but also special formats like “Rum & Cheese, “Rum & Cigar” or our in-house exhibition for the specialized trade.
We are now bringing together these positive experiences and learnings in the GERMAN RUM & SPIRIT SHOW powered by GRF! A so-called hybrid fair, i.e. as a supplement to all visitors on site, there will be a large selection of live streams and online tastings for all interested parties at home. For example, we will include guest speakers from their on-site distilleries virtually in lectures and discussion panels, and likewise give audience members the opportunity to participate digitally if they cannot or do not wish to be present.

We have already worked out various safety and hygiene concepts for visitors and exhibitors on site and will adapt these to the current situation on the date of the event. Be it through our own testing station and hygiene facilities or through appropriate distances between exhibitor stands, tasting stations and seating during tastings or panel discussions. For this purpose, we will expand the available area of the trade fair, e.g. by also including the outdoor area. For us, your safety as a visitor, as well as the safety of exhibitors and employees, is paramount. We will also comply with all daily requirements of the Berlin Senate and the Health Department.

In order to make these short-term decisions and requirements plannable, we have already taken measures. Probably the biggest change will concern the admission times as well as the opening hours. We have decided to extend the opening hours on Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm. This gives us the opportunity to divide the visitors into two “groups” and thus enable as many rum lovers as possible to visit the festival. The EARLY BIRD ticket entitles you to visit the fair from 10 am to 3:45 pm. After that, the change will take place so that visitors with Night Owl tickets will have access to the GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL from 4:15 pm until 10 pm. Sunday opening hours will remain as usual at 12pm to 7pm, there are no additional time slots here.

ATTENTION: Due to current health department requirements, ticket numbers are limited. We recommend you to buy the tickets in time.

Stay healthy!

10 years German Rum Festival, 10 years rum from all over the world, 10 years passion and dedication!

When we took our first steps 10 years ago and started planning the first GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL, we couldn’t imagine what would happen to this little idea. We wanted to organize a small festival for everyone who was interested in rum and want to give a stage to this incredibly diverse world of rum. It was about more than just pure drinking pleasure. It was about the Caribbean way of life, the togetherness with friends and family and above all the joy of the moment.

Today, 10 years later, the GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL is one of the most important events in the rum world. Bigger, higher, farther was never our concern, nevertheless, or exactly therefore, the GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL is today the largest fair of the world in the range Rum, Rhum & Cachaca.
With a lot of passion and devotion we dedicate ourselves of course also to the preparations for our big birthday. We are already looking forward to it and promise: You can be curious!


It was a (summer) party for us!

The 9th German Rum Festival is over and leaves a lasting impression on all of us. There was a new appointment, and none of us really knew what was going to happen there in the beginning. But thanks to a great community of friends, acquaintances, bon vivants and family we spent a wonderful weekend with good rum at Caribbean temperatures in Berlin

On more than 5,000 m² of the STATION Berlin 63 exhibitors gathered with more than 140 brands and 500 bottlings from all over the world to convince and enchant each of the 4400 visitors.

Next year we will continue, then with our first big anniversary. 10 years – in words: ten! – it is then since the first idea, the first drafts and the anticipation that has remained until today. We never thought that our little festival would develop like that and it’s one of the biggest in the world. That’s why we would like to mention a special one, the cornerstone of the German Rum Festival: our team of family, friends and helpers that supports us throughout the year. Without our little crazy family we would not be able to invest so much passion and passion to create moments that will be remembered for a long time to come, for the visitors and exhibitors as well as for ourselves. And that’s what we want thanks!

We were able to capture some of these moments in pictures and films – enjoy browsing!

The 9th German Rum Festival Overview

Thank You!


Worthy Park

Worthy Park Rum | German Rum Festival 2021

Jamaican rum is recognized worldwide as distinctively spicy. Deep in the heart of Lluidas Vale is “The Worthy Park Estate”. Protected by the surrounding mountain ranges and surrounded by lush and fertile terrain are huge sugar cane fields. The sugar cane fields were designed with careful consideration of the growing sugarcane species in the fields, the planting and drainage, the soil type and the type of field crops. The first record of rum production was in 1741, years before any other existing distillery in Jamaica. The molasses used in rum production is obtained in the sugar factory. A sugar factory that claims its rank as the most efficient in Jamaica every year since 1968. With the completion of a state-of-the-art distillery in 2005, Worthy Park is back in business. As the latest distillery, it was built with efficiency in mind and designed for the highest quality. From the water used in mixing to the native yeast grown in our own sugar cane culture, each step in the distillation process is measured and evaluated to ensure consistency and quality. The rums are distilled in the traditional Jamaican pot-still method to give you a heavy rum full of esters and congeners. 100% copper pot still made by Forsyths, the industry leader in pot still production in Scotland.

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Compañero is the Spanish word for comrade, and it stands for the product line of the Danish manufacturer 1423, for which taste, complexity and finish are the key words. The

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Cachaça Delicana – Seven times champion at GRF

Delicana spoils you for the 10th Rum Fest with the newest flagship: Putumujú 5 yrs, processed in elegant and modern cocktails! Their legendary Brazilian Mule will also be there again: Delicana cinnamon, ginger beer and freshly squeezed lime juice. The extra mild cachaça gets its incomparably mild and flowery note through the artesanal production (handmade).

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