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Saint James | German Rum Festival 2023

Saint James Rhum Agricole – Lightness of Martinique: St. James produced under the strictest control of the “Appellation d’ Origine Contrôlée”, a government seal of protection for the very highest quality standards. St. James is a Rhum Agricole and comes from the French Caribbean island of Martinique. Unlike molasses-based rum, Rhum Agricole is made from 100% pure sugar cane juice, giving it its unique aroma and particularly fruity flavor. The French government created the designation “Rhum Agricole” for this special style of rum in order to emphasize – in contrast to industrial rum – the naturalness and the particularly gentle production of this extraordinary spirit..

To this day, this premium quality and the unmistakable rhum enjoyment are reflected in the various products of the St. James portfolio and inspire both connoisseurs and bartenders worldwide.

The roots of the brand go back to 1765. From 1882 Saint James was available in the square bottle, which makes it the oldest known spirit in a square bottle at all.