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Grape of the Art | German Rum Festival 2023

The idea of Grape of the Art was born during a blind tasting of our Rum & Whisky group in Stuttgart, in which we were just stunned by the outstanding quality and variety of Armagnac.

Since we love high quality spirits at cask strength, we dived deeply into the microcosm of brandy, where we had to find out that there were only few bottlings on the German market that fit to our expectations:
Unaltered and undiluted single casks.

Our curiosity and research finally led us to the region of Armagnac & Cognac, where we were blessed to meet wonderful personalities who gave us the opportunity to enter their warehouses and taste the distillates straight from the cask.

With our expertise we want to show especially rum and whiskey lovers this wonderful, spirits world and express the diversity through our extraordinary single casks.

Guess what? We #GotA feeling that it’s time to share our thrilling discoveries with you!