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Vana Tallinn | German Rum Festival 2023



It was 1960 when Vana Tallinn was born. The recipe was created by Ilse Maar, a legendary Estonian liqueur artist, and her team at the Liviko factory. They took their time, working on different combinations until they found a perfect way to blend high-quality rum, the finest spices and exotic citruses – an unheard-of combination in those days.

The legendary Vana Tallinn liqueur recipe has been a triumph from the beginning, and it has remained unchanged through the years. Vana Tallinn’s flavour is an exceptional blend of robust Jamaican rum, exotic orange and lemon, and aromatic spices picked with the utmost care. Its recipe, only known to Liviko’s liqueur crafters, contains more than ten ingredients. Vana Tallinn’s profound and laborious creation process is mostly carried out by hand. It takes nearly a month to produce Vana Tallinn.


The exact recipe of Vana Tallinn is a closely guarded secret. Vanilla pods, orange and citrus oils mixed with rum give the drink a velvety flavour that’s unique and exotic. Vana Tallinn quickly won people’s hearts at home and abroad.


Over the years the appearance of Vana Tallinn has changed, as we keep our spirit fresh and tuned in to the zeitgeist. The recognisable tower bottle is the symbol that has stayed the same. Over time the silhouette on the label has been modified by a variety of the best visual artists that worked with iconic Tallinn symbols.


Vana Tallinn is a symbol of Estonia that has been in production for over half a century, with around 115 million bottles produced. From the beginning, it has been the most sought-after gift and souvenir ever created in Estonia. Vana Tallinn has become the most popular Estonian liqueur in the world.


Over the years, Vana Tallinn has won over the hearts of hedonists and the world’s leading alcohol connoisseurs who appreciate a true character and exceptional flavours. Honours and certificates awarded to Vana Tallinn over the years are proof of its highest quality.