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Rum Nation | German Rum Festival 2023

The United Rum Nations:

Rum Nation gathers the diversity of the rum world under one roof

The story of Rum Nation began in a Scottish warehouse – for whisky. A natural environment for Fabio Rossi. The oenologist is part of the Italian family business Rossi & Rossi, which for three generations has imported whisky, among other things, and brought Laphroaig to Italy, for example. On one of his regular visits to Scotland, he tasted old rums from Guyana and Jamaica, which were stored there to blend Navy rum. A passion was born.

A few years of research, learning, tasting and collecting later, Fabio Rossi founded Rum Nation in 1999. The goal: to make the individual character of rum-producing nations accessible with hand-selected bottlings. Two premium vintage rums aged for over 20 years made the start – today, the company looks back on an impressive range of bottlings from the Caribbean, South and Central America, as well as underdogs like Madeira.

As single domain rums, they are consequently not named after the producing distilleries, but after their respective countries of origin. The trademark is therefore also the stamp. The limited-edition bottlings include full-bodied, unaged rums as well as extensively tropically matured vintage drops – based on conventional molasses or distilled from fresh sugar cane juice in pot stills or column stills. What they all have in common: distinct and unadulterated aromas thanks to the absence of any additives and chill filtration.