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Canerock | German Rum Festival 2023

CANEROCK is a rum creation, created by the innovative team of MAISON FERRAND. With expertise and passion, the makers of PLANTATION Rum tinkered for more than 3 years to find the perfect recipe for this spiced spirit. More than 90 different recipes were tried to find the one perfect one.

It was important to the creators to develop an authentic spirit that is traditionally produced and fully reflects the terroir of its country of origin, Jamaica. MAISON FERRAND used the extensive know-how of the two most legendary distilleries in Jamaica: Long Pond Distillery and Clarendon Distillery.

CANEROCK is a Jamaican rum infused with carefully selected natural spices. For the infusion, each ingredient is infused separately, so that each can develop its flavors optimally, before the infusion forms an extraordinarily impressive combination with the rum.