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The GRF Awards are the most important award for rum in Europe! An international jury, consisting of rum experts, tastes in a multi-day blind-tasting rums of the same categories against each other and evaluates them according to a sophisticated points system. In each category gold, silver and bronze are awarded.


The Real McCoy 5 YO 40%

Ron Maja 8 YO 40%

Tres Hombres Edition 13 Barbados 8 YO 43,1%

Plantation Jamaica 2002 42%

The Real McCoy 12 YO 40%

Foursquare 2004 11 YO 59%

Rum Nation Rare Rums Port Mourant 1999 17 YO 57,4%

Secret Treasures South America 15 YO 42%

Malteco 25 YO 40%

St James Cuvee 1765 Rhum Vieux 42 %


HSE Black Sheriff 40%

Trois Rivieres 355 Ans Blanc 55%

Longueteau Blanc 62%

Trois Rivieres Rhum Blanc 50%

HSE XO 43 %

La Mauny Cuve de Nouveau Monde 41%

J.M XO 45 %

Cane Island Jamaica 40%

Chairmans Reserve Forgotten Cask 40%

Don Q Anejo 40%

Delicana Silver 38%

Avua Prata 42%

Delicana Balsamo

Santa Teresa Anejo 40%

Bougainville 3YO 40%

Marauda Steelpan 40%

Rum Bar Rum Cream 15%

New Grove Honey 26%

Pusser Spiced 35%

Rum Fire Velvet 63%

Rum Bar White Overproof 63%

Michlers Overproof Rum 63%

Our Rum & Spirits Guyana 2003 62,8%

Kill Devil Trinidad 11 YO 46%

Kill devil Panama 10YO 60,5%

Presidente Martii Solera 15 40%

Austrian Empire Navy Rum 40%

Santa Teresa 1796 40%

Rum Nation Jamaica 5YO Olorosso/PX 50%

The Real McCoy 12 YO 46% Madeira Finish

Plantation Trinidad 2000 42,7% Amburana

World’s End Spiced Rum

Chamarel Spiced Vanille 40%

Isautier Arrange Cafe Vanille 40%

Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy 40%

Rum Company Cocorange 40%

Tiki Lovers Pineapple 45%

Nine Leaves Clear 50%

New Grove Plantation 40%

Isautier Rhum Blanc Traditionell 49%


Die internationalen Juroren – alle Jurymitglieder, alle Info – transparent!

Andreas Anton

Andreas Anton

After my training as an assistant in chemical technology I first started working in the aroma industry, which sparked my interest in all kinds of beverages. But even after finishing my subsequent study of beverage technology in Geisenheim, my thirst for knowledge hadn’t been quenched just yet.


John Gibbons is an independent spirit ambassador, cocktail enthusiast, and rum fanatic who began judging for rum tasting competitions in 2010.  Starting with the Ministry of Rum Festival in San Francisco, he has been on international tasting and competition panels around the world including Miami, Berlin, Paris, Grenada, Amsterdam, Glasgow, and London.

Marc Battias

I discovered rum/ron/rhum 5 years ago as my passion at the first Rhumfest Paris and this has been a quite new experience for me. I couldn’t imagine where to find rum around world, as the actual claim of the German Rum Festival is this year. What to do? I bought a book to learn more about the world of sugarcane, history … and also i tried a lot different brand and it was very amazing to me.


A well-known figure in the San Francisco Bay Area cocktail scene and the tiki world, Suzanne Long owns and operates Bar Longitude in Oakland, California, a world renowned tropical destination featuring over 500 premium spirits and one of the only house-recipe driven tropical cocktail programs in the world.


I’m a Cigar Sommelier, was Habanosommelier Champion 2010 in Cuba, writer for “Got Rum” magazine in charge of their Cigar Pairing section since 2012, Rums Consultant having studied at Rum University, Austin, Texas.


Nicolas Kröger, manager and owner of the Rum-Depot Berlin, Germany’s largest specialty store for rum, is a young and rising connoisseur and a cosmopolitan in the rum scene.

Bernd Schäfer

Bernhard started his professional Spirit carreer behind a Cocktailbar 1985, during his studies of sociology. Some years later he began giving lectures on different spirits, mainly Whisky. Where he got the highest accolades as he became a Keeper of the Quaich in 1996, and a Master in 2007.


I am a rum and whiskey enthusiast living in Denmark — known as “Rum Thomsen” by my friends – working as a Software Development Project Manager, so rum is only my hobby.

I did Technical University in Amsterdam and I’m a fully qualified teacher of food and drinks. When I specialized I became a Spirits educator and finally a Rum specialist. Recently I also became WSET qualified teacher.


For many years, rum has been a passion of mine. In particular I’m interested in the details about the production process of rum. By attending Masterclasses, Tastings and rum festivals around the world, I have met a lot of people in the industry. The knowledge I have gathered over the years and the people I’ve met has opened up the opportunity to attend as a judge in competitions at Rum festivals.


Keegan Menezes started out as a cocktail bartender when he was in Oxford at university, although he left his professional cocktail making career behind he has remained part of the London Cocktail bar scene. He is known for his depth of knowledge across the spirits category, including Tequila, Mezcal, whisk(e)y, Brandy, Gin, and his favorite and the best spirit – Rum.

Eugen Kasparek

Eugen Kasparek

Eugen Kasparek has many years of experience in high-end restaurants, specialist retailers, in seminars, as a member of culinary associations, trade visitor at conventions, juror of any number of competitions and last, but certainly not least, as Master of Tasting.

Javier Herrera

Javier Herrera is a professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality at the Complutense University of Madrid and studying Chemical Engineering at the UNED.


My name is Marco Pierini and I was born in 1954. I got a degree in Philosophy in Florence and I studied Political Science in Madrid, but my real passion has always been History. Then I discovered rum. With Francesco Rufini,  I founded La Casa del Rum (The House of Rum), that runs a beach bar and selects and distributes Premium Rums in Italy. And I have returned back to my long life passion: History: Rum has a terrible and fascinating history, made of slaves and sailors, imperial fleets and revolutions.

Günter Windhorst

Günter Windhorst

About Windhorst: The bar Windhorst opened 1999. Since then, the owner and namesake Günter Windhorst runs this little gem with sustainable enthusiasm and passion.

peter-holland-october-2017-2 started as a hobby, a simple means of recording the things that the husband and wife team of Peter and Pauline Holland learnt as they developed their interest in rum; attending masterclasses and rum festivals, travelling to many countries around the world to view distilleries and rum producers. The hobby is now a full time career of presenting, training, sampling, writing, consulting and promotional activities. Peter has been judging at spirits tasting competitions such as the IWSC, ISC and of course the German Rum Fest for a number of years now, but still feels like he is just getting started!

Their goal is simple: remind everyone that rum is the best spirit category of all – you just need to get past the jokers to find the diamonds!


Leonardo Pinto, Isla de Rum founder, approaches the world of rum in 1997, when the “rum culture” still not reached Europe. In 2004 he opens his first online blog named Isla de Rum and after few years Isla de Rum became a real company. Today Leonardo is recognized as one of the major rum experts in Europe, he is the only Italian member of the International RumXP panel and works around the world as a consultant for rum industry at different levels (brand building, Import/Export and marketing consultancy, consultancy for independent bottlers and rum brokers).


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