Here you will find all the frequently asked questions and information you, as an exhibitor, should know!

Set up
For exhibitors with individual space:
Friday, 30.08.2024 from about 12 o’clock
For exhibitors with brand status and Young Spirits stand:
Friday, 30.08.2024 from about 4 pm

Opening hours
Saturday, 31.08.2024: 12 to 8 pm
Sunday, 01.09.2024: 12 to 6 pm

The serving is to be finished on both days of the fair 15 minutes before the end of the fair in order to keep the GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL as smooth as possible.

The dismantling of the German Rum Festival can start at the earliest on Sunday, 01.09.2024 from 6 pm. Dismantling before the end of the fair is not permitted. For technical reasons, driving on the exhibition grounds is only possible once all guests have left the German Rum Festival. Dismantling must be completed by midnight at the latest. The dismantling on Monday, 02.09.2024 is not possible.

The serving of free samples is strictly forbidden. Exhibitors are required to charge at least € 1.00 for each sample from 1cl. Specialists are excluded from this rule as long as it is an advice for business purposes.

Each stand will be supplied with 1 to 2 boxes of water and 12 bottles for free. Furthermore, guests have access to water dispensers, where they can rinse their glasses. An exchange of glasses is only partially possible.

Every guest gets their own tasting glass at the entrance free of charge. The equipment of the stalls with tasting glasses is not provided. If more glasses are needed on the stand, Tumbler, Longdrink glasses  and cocktail glasses can be booked additionally.

The delivery of goods and pallets is possible from Friday, 30.08.2024 9 clock. Goods can be accepted by the organizer by prior arrangement and will then, if possible, be brought to the stand. Please note that there are no exchange pallets available, which may result in additional costs. The organizer assumes no liability for delivered goods. A delivery before Friday is not possible.

The collection of goods is possible on Sunday, 01.09.2024 from about 6:30 pm. Please note that it is not possible to visit the courtyard and the exhibition hall until all visitors have left the area.

A collection of remaining goods is also possible on Monday, 02.09.2024. For a fee of € 85,00 plus VAT, pallet parking spaces can be rented in one of the neighboring halls. If you want to store bulky goods, the price will be calculated according to the area. The goods must be ready for dispatch loaded on pallets, no liability is assumed by the organizer.

We always get questions about our offered tastings. Therefore, we would like to give you a brief overview of the associated services.

Each exhibitor can book one or more tastings for one or more of his brands in one of our tasting areas. These are equipped for each 60 participants with tables, chairs and glasses. Likewise beamer, screen and sound technology as well as table and chair are available for the presenter. A team of three people prepares everything for you, drinks the glasses and serves. We also take care of cleaning up for you. The presentation time for all tastings is 45 minutes and can be freely designed by you as part of a suitable presentation.

If there are any question unanswered contact us at:  robert@germanrumfestival.com


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