Rum Nation, Jamaica White Pot Still 57%


German Rum Awards – the most important national and international award for Rum & Rhum! An international jury, consisting of rum experts, tastes in a multi-day blind-tasting rums of the same categories against each other and evaluates them according to a recognized points system. In each category gold, silver and bronze are awarded.


New Grove 8 YO

Offrian 8 Jahre 40%

Grander Panama Rum 45%

Ron Maja, 12 YO & The Real McCoy 12YO – tied

Ron Malecon, 2003 Small Batch 13 YO 50,5%

Angostura 1824, 12 Jahre 40%

Angostura 1787, 15 Year 40%

Mount Gay, Master Select 43%

Ron Malecon, 1998 Small Batch 18 YO 51,7%

Toucan, No. 4 40%

Saint James, Rhum Vieux 42%

Charamel, Premium Rum Gold 42%

Rhum A1710, La Perle  54,5% & Labourdonnais, Original Rum 50% – tied

Charamel, Premium Rum Classic 42%

Damoiseau, Blanc 50%

Chamarel XO, 43%

La Mauny 2005

Saint James XO 43%

Chamarel VS, 40%

Chamarel VSOP

Damoiseau VSOP


Mount Gay XO 43%

Admiral Rodney, Extra Old St. Lucia Rum 40%

Delicana White 38%

Novo Fogo Silver 40%

Praianinha Cachaça Silver (Artesanal)

Novo Fogo Chameleon, 43%

Delicana 10 YO, 40%

Novo Fogo Barrel-Aged, 40%

Simons Bavarian Nordic Rum Valkyrie Thorslund 48,8%

Grasbrook German Premium Rum 41%

Ron Elba White Rum 47%

Worthy Park Rum-Bar Gold 40%

3 Island Rum Black 40%

Amrut Rum Two Indies Rum 42,8%

Our Rum & Spirits, Our Blend Jamaica, Trinidad, Martinique 49

Silver Fleet 1628 Windward

Espero XO

Rum Nation, Jamaica White Pot Still Kat. Overproof 57%

Worthy Park Rum-Bar, White Overproof 63%

Don Q, Overproof 151 75,5%

Ron Aguere, Licor de Ron 22%

Arranges de Ced’, Ananas Victoria 32%

Arranges de Ced’, Mirabelle 32%

Our Rum & Spirits, Diamond 2003 63,7%

Kill Devil, Nicaragua 18 YO 59,2%

Rum Don Q Single Barrel 2007

Ann-Eks, Hannelore Rum 40%

Tres Hombres Ed. 22 Solera 18, Dom.-Rep 43%

Ron Botran, 18 Jahre, 40%

Rum Nation, Jamaica 5YO Olorose Sherry Finish 50%

The Real McCoy, 12YO Limited Edition 46%

Havana Club, Pacto Navio 40%

Worlds End Rum, Tiki Spiced 40%

Shack, Super Spiced 40%

Arranges de Ced’, Ti Victoria 38%

3 Island Rum White 40%

Tiki Lovers White Rum 50%



The international jurors – all jury members, all information – transparent!

Nikos Arvanitis

Nikos Arvanitis

has been working as a bartender since 2006. Rum is his passion and his desire to understand it lead him to the Caribbean. Living in Barbados and using this island as his base, he has visited 23 islands of the tropical zone of the “West Indies” and over 45 distilleries and sugarcane fields, both active and inactive. His journey is still on, will soon be reflected on paper  and he has named it “From the West Indies to the World”.

Nikos Arvanitis through his travels and speeches, he’s trying to spread the traditional production process of the Rum and the culture of the Caribbean people.


John Gibbons is an independent spirit ambassador, cocktail enthusiast, and rum fanatic.

John began judging for international rum tasting competitions in 2010.  Starting with the Ministry of Rum Festival in San Francisco that year, he has since judged for dozens of competitions and events around the world including Miami, Berlin, Paris, Venezuela, Grenada, Amsterdam, Glasgow, and London.

Andreas Anton

Andreas Anton

After my training as an assistant in chemical technology I first started working in the aroma industry, which sparked my interest in all kinds of beverages. But even after finishing my subsequent study of beverage technology in Geisenheim, my thirst for knowledge hadn’t been quenched just yet.


A well-known figure in the San Francisco Bay Area cocktail scene and the tiki world, Suzanne Long owns and operates Bar Longitude in Oakland, California, a world renowned tropical destination featuring over 500 premium spirits and one of the only house-recipe driven tropical cocktail programs in the world.

Eugen Kasparek

Eugen Kasparek

Eugen Kasparek has many years of experience in high-end restaurants, specialist retailers, in seminars, as a member of culinary associations, trade visitor at conventions, juror of any number of competitions and last, but certainly not least, as Master of Tasting.

Bernd Schäfer

Bernhard started his professional Spirit carreer behind a Cocktailbar 1985, during his studies of sociology. Some years later he began giving lectures on different spirits, mainly Whisky. Where he got the highest accolades as he became a Keeper of the Quaich in 1996, and a Master in 2007.

Carsten Prasse hefner

Carsten Nicholas Prasse

Carsten Prasse took the classical route early and then left, as that’s the kind of guy he is. He got his degree at a school for hotel management, trained and worked in various positions with the Intercontinental luxury hotel chain, and discovered his passion for spirits and bar culture when he was still in training. While working on various hotel and bar concepts, his fascination became the foundation for him to develop and realize his own ideas.

Javier Herrera

Javier is a professional consultant with a college diploma in Hospitality in Madrid’s Universidad Complutense and studying Chemistry at UNED, Global Business Advisor with specialty in the Rum Business.

Helena Tiare Olsen

Helena Tiare Olsen

is a rum connoisseur and tiki drink and cocktail enthusiast living in Stockholm, Sweden. She is known the world-over as the writer of Award-Winning Rum, Tiki and Cocktail blog “A Mountain of Crushed Ice.”


Nicolas Kröger, manager and owner of the Rum-Depot Berlin, Germany’s largest specialty store for rum, is a young and rising connoisseur and a cosmopolitan in the rum scene.

He’s previously traveled to New York, London, the Maldives, and South Africa. Having left behind the luxury hotel business, he now focuses on the production and sensory aspects of spirits – rum in particular and especially rhum: his true passion!

Nicolas is this years hospitant.

Emiliano RonRonEra

Emiliano Fernández-Peña

Emiliano is a Rum enthusiast that as a journalist, marketer, speaker and bartender he has dedicated himself to promote the World of Rum over the past years in Spain and Latin America.


I’m a Cigar Sommelier, was Habanosommelier Champion 2010 in Cuba, writer for “Got Rum” magazine in charge of their Cigar Pairing section since 2012, Rums Consultant having studied at Rum University, Austin, Texas.

Marc Battias

I discovered rum/ron/rhum 5 years ago as my passion at the first Rhumfest Paris and this has been a quite new experience for me. I couldn’t imagine where to find rum around world, as the actual claim of the German Rum Festival is this year. What to do? I bought a book to learn more about the world of sugarcane, history … and also i tried a lot different brand and it was very amazing to me.


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