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Worlds End Rum | German Rum Festival 2023

Worlds End Rum is a premium Spiced Rum

World's End RumWe have already won the following awards:

Goldmedaille during 6th GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL 2016

Goldmedaille during Rum-Festivals, Madrid, June 2017

The Story

World’s End Rum is a balanced blend of Caribbean rums, which are 3 to 5 years old. These are distillates that already have a nice maturity and body from the barrel. We have selected several rums based on the range of flavors with nice aromas. On this basis we have created a perfect blend as a starting point for our World’s End Rum Series.

The first rum we created is a dark spiced rum: a variety of spices and fruits, leave a complex taste in the mouth. Notes of mango, banana, cinnamon, vanilla, dark chocolate, coffee.

The perfect finish after dinner, neat or on the rocks. Easy to drink and enjoy or perfect for cocktails. A beautiful complexity from the first sip with a smooth aftertaste with perfect and balanced sweetness.