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Rammstein Rum | German Rum Festival 2023

The Rammstein Premium Rum is an outstanding product of the new product line, which will especially delight music fans. The world-famous German band Rammstein has collaborated with the Danish company 1423 World Class Spirits to design a series of spirits that pay tribute to the group. The band logo has been integrated into the design in a creative and decorative way. Inside the stylish and modernly designed bottle, the amber to golden brown molasses rum from the Caribbean shines.

The Rammstein Premium Rum is characterized by a tantalizing aroma and irresistible taste that hardly anyone can resist. The sweet and fruity notes harmonize perfectly with each other and are accompanied by a subtle spicy nuance. This rich, expressive rum strives to completely indulge the connoisseur without being too demanding. Its self-confidence is characteristic of this high quality rum.

When tasted, it becomes clear that the Rammstein Premium Rum combines a successful blend of different rum styles from different countries. Distillates from Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana were used for this blend, which is aged for up to 12 years.