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Black Tot | German Rum Festival 2023

Modern monument to historic Navy Rum:

Black Tot from Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica.

As a sailor in the Royal Navy, one had a choice: either rum or its equivalent in cash. Most opted for pay in liquid form, the “tot”. Rum and seafaring, after all, belonged together. In 1731, official rum rations were introduced in the British fleet. On the long crossings, the blend from various parts of the Caribbean simply lasted longer than wine, beer or water, which spoiled particularly quickly. The higher level of technology in the navy heralded the end of the high-proof tradition. On July 31, 1970, the crews “buried” their Navy rum – and thus brought “Black Tot Day” into being.

Inspired by history – made for today

In 2010, Sukhinder Singh, one of the most renowned minds in the spirits industry and co-founder of independent bottler Elixir Distillers, secured demijohns of the last remaining official Navy rum – the basis of the limited-edition Black Tot Last Consignment. With Black Tot, Elixir Distillers followed up with a standard bottling. The complex blend translates the seafaring tradition into the present: selected molasses rum from Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica, tropically aged in bourbon casks for up to five years, with a flavor profile for today’s discerning palate. Unlike its historical model, the aroma of the 46.2-percent Black Tot is strongly reminiscent of tropical fruits, has the sweetness of Caribbean cakes with a dash of intense espresso and is characterized by sweet spices in the finish.