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Excellent & Rare | German Rum Festival 2023


The rum.

The rum for the “Excellent & Rare” series comes from the sun-drenched heart of Central America. It is distilled there by one of the oldest and best-known family distilleries in Panama according to an old tradition. The high-quality sugar cane is grown in their own fields and harvested by hand.

For the Black Edition, the finest sugar cane honey, the so-called “virgin sugar cane honey” is used. This is a filigree-sweet, honey-like liquid that is extracted during the initial pressing of the sugar cane and then processed further.
For the Gold and Platinum Editions, the classic heavy sugar cane molasses is distilled, resulting in a particularly complex and full-bodied rum.

A long journey begins: for the first maturation, the precious distillate goes into bourbon barrels made of American white oak. There the rum matures for between 10 and 25 years, depending on the edition, before it is subsequently selected and finished by us.
Even after the first stage, our strictly limited bottlings offer an extremely exciting variety of aromas. Through the subsequent refinement and post-maturation in former whisky or tequila barrels, further wonderfully nuanced aromas are revealed. Perfect distillates with exposed aromatics for connoisseurs and gourmets.

Matured in Panama. Finished in Bavaria.


Our secret.

Our secret is the post-maturation in a second barrel, the so-called “double wood matured finishing” – the last step on the way to the perfect rum. The different editions differ in the age of the rum and the respective barrel used for the post-maturation. After decades of maturation in Panama, all editions are stored in Warehouse No. 1 of the Singold Distillery and finished through the four seasons in Bavarian Swabia.

The Black Edition is post-matured in an ex-bourbon American white oak whiskey cask at Singold Distillery after 10 years, resulting in a perfectly balanced taste profile.
After 18 years in ex-bourbon barrels, the Gold Edition receives its finishing touch in a selected tequila barrel that gives it its final tropical aroma.
For the Platinum Edition, we have chosen as the highest level of perfection, after 25 years in an ex-bourbon cask, a whiskey cask from a famous Scottish Scotch distillery that provides an outstanding expansion of flavors and complexity.