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Don Papa Rum| German Rum Festival 2023

Welcome to Sugarlandia

Don Papa was inspired by Sugarlandia, a mystical and seductive world where not everything is as it seems and where time somehow passes more slowly. In the heart of this land, on the island of Negros, is the active volcano Mount Kanlaon. There you can find sugar cane, which grows wonderfully on fertile soil at the foot of the mountain. The old sugar mill on Negros Island is used to crush the noble sugar cane. From this, the famous molasses is extracted, which is locally known as “black gold”. This molasses is then fermented for four days with the help of special yeast before being distilled in a column at the Bago Distillery. Finally, the rum is transferred to oak barrels to be stored in the particularly hot and humid tropical climate of Sugarlandia..

One of the heroes of the Philippine Revolution, Papa Isio led his countrymen in the effort to drive the occupiers from his beloved homeland. He was a foreman on a sugar cane plantation before joining the fight for his fatherland’s independence. Papa Isio developed into a famous figure as a freedom fighter and shaman on the island of Negros (known locally as Sugarlandia).

Don Papa Rum is inspired by the heroic man and his work. The sugar cane he once harvested himself pays tribute to him today.

The new Don Papa 7

Don Papa is the Single Island Rum from the Philippines, inspired by Papa Isio – a hero of the revolution and shaman from the island of Negros, which is also the production site of Don Papa Rum. On the foothills of the Mount Kanlaon volcano, Don Papa 7 is aged in ex-Bourbon and ex-Rioja American oak wine barrels, which give it more depth of flavor. It is then perfected through blending. With aromatic citrus zest, mango and toasted hazelnuts on the nose, this rum delights on the palate with powerful fruit notes, vanilla cream and dark toffee. With a long-lasting note of dry, toasted oak in the soft finish, this rum is ideal for pure enjoyment.

Don Papa Baroko

Don Papa celebrates the passion and exuberant temperament of Papa Isio, the hero of the revolution and shaman from Negros in the Philippines, where this rum is made. After distillation from molasses, also known as “black gold,” Don Papa Baroko is aged for several years in ex-bourbon American white oak barrels on the foothills of Mount Kanlaon volcano before the distillates are blended for a rich and smooth finish.

The resulting blend embodies the original character of Don Papa – it presents a true explosion of citrus and vanilla in the aroma and is full-bodied on the palate with notes of candied tropical fruits and honey. The whole leads to a powerful and long finish with raisins and a dry touch of toasted oak..

This rum-based spirtuose is perfect to enjoy neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktails.

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