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NAGA Rum | German Rum Festival 2023

Asian Rums

From Indonesia – Java Island to Indochinese peninsula

Naga Rums explore asian traditions of sugar cane cultivation and rum distillation. The Nagas are one of the cultural and mythological links that unite this immense territory that stretches from the Bay of Bengal to the Java Sea, from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The figure of Naga is associated with water and fertility; the naga can be protective, nurturing and even creative. And although they live in their own kingdom, some nagas can transform themselves to visit the world of humans in the form of a snake or a handsome young man.

Guardians of Nature


The name Naga is that of the mythical creature of Asia, Serpent guardian of the treasures of the earth and symbol of prosperity, fertility and protector Of the treasures of nature.

The nāga is a mythical being of Hinduism, but the word also means basically: serpent. The naga in religion keep the treasures of nature, are attached to water and bring prosperity.

In the legends of India and all of Southeast Asia, the nâgas are inhabitants of the underworld where they jealously guard the treasures of the earth. It is also in the naga that the fertility of the soil is due.