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Remedy | German Rum Festival 2023

About Remedy:

Remedy Rum finds its origin in the American Prohibition. The story begins in the 1920s in the United States. In an era marked by prosperity, wild and excessive parties, but also by the prohibition of alcohol. From 1920 – 1933 there was a nationwide ban on the production, transportation and sale of alcohol in the USA. But resisting the allure of the forbidden is anything but easy…

Every opportunity was used to obtain alcoholic beverages. Among other things, illegally smuggled alcohol was sold under medical pretexts in pharmacies and drugstores, so that a real black market for spirits was created. From there, Remedy Rum also made its way into secret bars and pubs, as well as exclusive parties, where it captivated the guests.

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The rise and the oblivion:

Remedy Rum quickly became one of the most sought-after spirits that could be purchased in pharmacies and and drugstores. The close connection to these two sources of supply also led to its name: Remedy

For a whole decade, Remedy Rum was an integral part of the New York party scene. In the secret pubs and clubs, the so-called Speakeasys, a wide variety of Remedy cocktails were enjoyed, forming the basis for boisterous and wild evenings. With the end of Prohibition in 1933, there were ultimately hardly any spirits left, which continued to be sold in considerable quantities by pharmacies. The rise and the forgotten This had the consequence that Remedy Rum fell more and more into oblivion over the following years..

It took about 100 years until people became aware of the history of this legendary rum again. Then as now, Remedy Rum from the American Prohibition is a welcome guest at fancy and extravagant parties. Whether in exotic or classic cocktails, pure, with or without ice – Remedy Rum will always be the best ingredient for enjoyable evenings.