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A.H. Riise | German Rum Festival 2023

A.H. Riise Spirits – The Pure Taste of History

The exclusive rum spirits are the life’s work of one of the most important and enterprising Danes of his time, the pharmacist and court councilor Albert Heinrich Riise. The history of A.H. Riise leads back to times past and far away, when the former Kingdom of Denmark-Norway was still colonial owner of today’s US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

The islands of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix were discovered by none other than Christopher Columbus on his second voyage in 1493. The Danes took over colonial ownership quite late after several changes of ownership by the West India Company. In 1733, with the takeover of the island of St. Croix from France, sugar cane cultivation also began – a significant step for rum production. Today, the islands belong to the US Virgin Islands.

A.H. Riise, who gave the island its name, originally came from the small Danish island of Ærø and moved to the Caribbean after completing his studies. There he lived with his wife Henrietta Marie on the island of St. Thomas from 1838 to 1878. Albrecht Heinrich Riise, Master of Science in Pharmacy, was granted the privilege of running a pharmacy in the capital Charlotte Amalie of the Danish West Indies by royal decree, making him the first pharmacist on the island.

His diligence and regular trading trips, during which he made useful discoveries, ensured that the St. Thomas Pharmacy became increasingly well known to the inhabitants of the surrounding Caribbean islands. He used his passion for exotic flora and fauna, along with his green thumb, to produce various pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and alcohol. The pharmacist experimented with herbs and rare plants to provide remedies for any ailment.

His productivity also brought him into contact with the islands’ thriving rum business. Soon he became a supplier to the Danish Navy. A.H. Riise’s blended rum delighted the sailors in particular, as they were paid part of their pay in “liquid currency”.

Successful all over the world
In the course of time, A.H. Riise rums became more and more famous and found their way from the small Caribbean pharmacy to the whole world. As early as 1893, A.H. Riise rum received its first international award at the Chicago World’s Fair, which was held in honor of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. Since then, the outstanding qualities of these characterful rum variations have been awarded many medals in numerous competitions and exhibitions.

Today, A.H. Riise’s diverse bottlings delight lovers of sweet rum spirits worldwide.

The Royal Navy Range:

The Original Navy
When the naval fleet was docked in Charlotte Amalie harbor, it was always supplied with rum by Albert Heinrich Riise, it is said.

Navy Strength
Handpicked by our master distiller to honor the Danish naval tradition.

Naval Cadet
Handpicked by our master distillers, this blend is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

Black Barrel Navy Spiced
Charred barrels and selected spices are the secret to the special taste of our Black Barrel.

The XO Range:

1888 Copenhagen Medal
A modern interpretation of the rum that won the international medal in 1888.

Superior Cask
Our master blender has created a blend with the perfect edge and a full-bodied taste experience. A true signature from several carefully selected casks.

Haakon Royal Reserve
A.H. Riise celebrates the friendship of two very special men with this limited edition.

175 Years Anniversary
This exceptional spirit offers a unique experience with its broad spectrum of aromas and flavorful subtleties.

Port Cask
Only thanks to the port casks in which it is stored, this blend develops its matured special taste.

Ambre d`Or
Our Ambre d’Or is aged in oak casks that previously housed sweet wines, which contributes to the subtle, full and delicate flavors.

The Ultra Premium Collection:

Family Reserve
This blend is traditionally served every five years at the family reunion of A.H. Riise’s descendants.

Non Plus Ultra Very Rare
With our A.H. Riise Ultra Premium we have created something very special. Its name “Non Plus Ultra” is Latin and means “no further”.

Non Plus Ultra Ambre d’Or Excellence
A fantastic, sweet and smooth blend with the taste of ripe fruits and noble spices. We call it “Non Plus Ultra.” This is Latin and means “no further”.

Non Plus Ultra Black Edition
Carefully charred old bourbon barrels are used to create a very exceptional blend. We call it “Non Plus Ultra”. That is Latin and means “no further”.

A.H. Riise Signature is a work of art. Even more: a masterpiece.