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Penny Blue | German Rum Festival 2023

Single Estate Rum from Mauritius:

Penny Blue from our own sugar cane

1,600 kilometers off the coast of Madagascar lies Mauritius. The tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean is home to the Medine Distillery – and a stamp legend. The island distillery’s single estate rum is named after it, the Penny Blue. Medine sources sugar cane from its own plantation and thus controls every step of the production process. The distillery farms 3,300 acres of fertile volcanic soil for lush sweet grass. A stone’s throw from the distillery, it can be processed especially quickly and freshly.

Among the Medine Distillery’s standards is Penny Blue Pure Cane Rum. The citrus-fresh, unaged version is distilled from sugar cane juice in pot and column stills. The fruity-complex Penny Blue VSOP, on the other hand, is based on molasses and matures for at least 4 years in cognac, bourbon and whiskey barrels. The Penny Blue XO comes in limited batches to experienced connoisseurs who appreciate its intense, fruity-spicy profile.