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Captain Cane | German Rum Festival 2023

Easy prey for sweet tooth & explorers:

His scratching post is the mainmast, his territory the rough seas: in cooperation with Oldman Spirits, we have developed Captain Cane, a fair premium product for those with a sweet tooth and explorers of the rum world.

Captain Cane lives for the freedom of the open sea. With the wind in his fur, a drink in his paw, and adventure in his unblinking eye, he sails around the world. His treasure? The liquid gold of the Caribbean. Because like any (pirate ship) cat, Captain Cane knows exactly what he likes. Arrr! Only “Smooth Carrrribbean Juice” flows into his Tiki Mug – velvety smooth, lovely Caribbean rums, selected and combined on numerous privateer voyages.

So smooth, it even brings pirates to tears

With its mild 40 percent by volume, the Rum-Based Spirit Drink For Thirsty Pirates is approachable, smooth and as sweet as freedom on the seas. With exotic notes of vanilla, tropical fruits and coconut, balanced by delicate oak spice, Captain Cane tastes especially good to rum first-timers and those with a real sweet tooth. And piratically pure as well as in “purrrfect serves” like the Pawloma.

Decorated with precious metal, it catches the eye of pirates even in the largest treasure chest. Well-traveled and veteran, however, Captain Cane has long known that not all treasure is silver and gold. So he sails sustainably even under a black flag. His bottles are made of 100 percent recycled glass.

Plenty of sugar cane – even on the bottle

New: His likeness now smiles at connoisseurs from labels made of sugar cane paper. This resource-saving paper alternative is made from the fibers of sweet grass, a partial product of sugar production.