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Ron Centenario | German Rum Festival 2023

Ron Centenario

Costa Rica the heart of the Americas is surrounded by impressive rainforests and imposing volcanoes to beautiful wide beaches and is a paradise for those who want to experience direct contact with nature. Located between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is known worldwide for its numerous national parks and tourist attractions. This combination of the humid tropical climate, the fertile soils and the location of the bodega at 1,200 meters above sea level, create the conditions for the production of this unique rum.

Centenario´s Bodegas

The bodegas of Ron Centenario are located in the middle of a town in the tropical rainforest, which is situated in the valley known as ‘West-Central Valley’ and is surrounded by picturesque mountains that know how to impress with their bluish-green colors.

Ron Centenario

The factory is located in the south of the capital, less than 40 km from one of the most important active volcanoes, Irazu. There, in exquisite oak barrels, are stored the best rums of the country: those of the Ron Centenario family. Costa Rica, a fertile land surrounded by two oceans, is inhabited by people known for their warmth, honesty and hard work. Costa Rica’s different microclimates, with temperatures averaging 22° C, guarantee a stable temperature balance for the barrels in storage. The different types of Scotch Whisky barrels used ensure the extraction of their best unique aromas and flavors, guaranteeing over the years a selection of the best and highest quality rums.