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RON RON | German Rum Festival 2023

RON RON rum liquor from Senor Ron

RON RON Elixir de Caribbean is a premium rum liqueur with 34% alcohol content, which uses as a base a noble blend of 3 rum varieties. This high-quality rum blend from the Caribbean is refined with an essence of fruits preserved in rum. Through the – up to one year – storage in old Sherry Cask barrels RON RON matures to an aromatic Dark Rum.

The typical rum caramel and vanilla notes are harmoniously complemented by the unique RON RON rum fruit essence and the long storage in old sherry casks by the taste of dark fruits, a pleasant sweetness and a slight spiciness. Due to its unique production process, RON RON is the perfect rum pleasure for sociable, curious and cosmopolitan pleasure seekers. Its gentle, slightly smoky, rum-typical taste is particularly appreciated by rum beginners as well as rum connoisseurs.

With RON RON Elixir de Caribbean, hosts demonstrate style and taste – and so simple encounters quickly turn into fantastic moments. RON RON Elixier de Caribbean has already been awarded the German Rum Award 2022 in bronze, the World Spirits Award 2022 in silver and the World Drinks Awards 2022 in bronze, among others.

By the way: RON RON Elixier de Caribbean is produced without any kind of artificial flavors or additives. Only real fruit and high-quality molasses instead of industrial sugar are used to produce the proprietary RON RON Rum Fruit Essence.



New from Senor Ron: RON RON Señorita Elixir de Caribbean.

Get the real Caribbean summer feeling into your house now. Real strawberries and limes in the refreshingly fruity RON RON Rum Fruit Essence make the new RON RON Premium Rum Liqueur your summer taste experience.


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