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Ramero | German Rum Festival 2023

Good rum needs the finest raw materials, special maturation, a lot of rest and a home.


Welcome to Ramero Rum! Our journey began in 2017 with a vision to create an exceptional rum that would make the hearts of rum lovers beat faster. Today, we are proud to introduce you to our unique rum.

Each journey of our rum begins in the fields of a friendly sugar cane farmer in Guyana, a small country on the coast of South America with a great rum tradition. What is harvested there is also distilled on site. We rely not only on a classic Column Still, but also on the Double Wooden Pot Still, which is unique in the world, to extract the best aromas and flavors for our rums.

But this is only the beginning of its journey. Next comes a little culture shock that makes Ramero Rum so special: He travels to Schwaigern to our HEIMAT distillery, where he is first allowed to rest in the largest rum barrel warehouse in southern Germany. Here, our Ramero is stored in selected wine, bourbon and other barrels from all over the world, the combination of which is a closely guarded secret. Each barrel is personally selected and carefully nurtured by us to tease out the unique aromas and flavors of our rum.

At Ramero, we focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail, which is reflected in every stage of production. Jede Flasche unseres Rums wird von Hand abgefüllt und mit viel Sorgfalt veredelt. The result is an exceptionally full-bodied and harmonious rum with subtle notes that you can’t get enough of. Or as they say in Guyana, “Made rich by the sunshine, and lush by the rains.”

In addition to the quality of our rum, our social commitment in Guyana is also important to us. We work closely with local people, supporting local projects.

Learn more about the origin, production and our social commitment on our website: We invite you to discover the history of our rum and enjoy it – preferably in good company.