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JJs Manöverschluck | German Rum Festival 2023

The origin

David and Jens, the two founders of JJ’s Maneuver Swallow, were on a sailing trip together. Of course, a rum for the Maneuver Swallow was included. In the evening at sunset on deck they talked about the fact that the classic rum is often too heavy and that there should be something fresh and tasty. And so the idea for JJ’s Maneuver Swallow was born: Spirits from sailors for sailors.

The sailing route

With the goal of finding a new favorite drink for our sailing trips, we hoisted the sails for a long voyage. We knew it had to taste like sunset in a secluded cove, weathering a storm, and the wind picking up after a long lull. We captured all these feelings in JJ’s maneuver swallow.

The home port – the gateway to the world

The idea for JJ’s Maneuver Swallow came to us on the water, but rum is better drunk there than made. That’s why Hamburg has become the home port of JJ’s Manöverschluck. Not for nothing is Hamburg called the gateway to the world. Because here in the port of Hamburg the special treasures from all over the world reach Germany after a long sea voyage. Like our rum from the Caribbean, which is refined for the special taste experience of JJs Manöverschluck at the gates of Hamburg.

The precious cargo – the taste

By using high-quality ingredients and unique recipes, a first-class and multiple expert-awarded taste is achieved. In doing so, JJ’s Maneuvering Swallow stands for modern, delicious spirits that simply taste on board.

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