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Ron Carúpano | German Rum Festival 2023

Ron Carúpano

In the Venezuelan distillery Carúpano, incidentally the oldest distillery in Venezuela, the water used to produce the rums comes either from a spring or a deep well, ensuring greater purity and guaranteeing that no undesirable odors or flavors are created.

Exceptional microclimate: Carúpano distillery is located in the Hacienda Altamira in the Macarapana-Carúpano Valley, an area at low altitude at sea level, where a special microclimate develops with a high degree of relative humidity from the Caribbean sea breeze and high temperatures, which leads to accelerate, optimize and intensify the aging time.

The oldest rum of Venezuela: SPRITHÖKER takes over the distribution of Ron Carúpano.

Ron Carúpano is launched on the German market – the award-winning aged rum from Venezuela thus expands its presence, which already counts more than thirty countries worldwide, through the cooperation with SPRITHÖKER. 

“The German market is a strategically important step for our brand due to the current trend towards “premiumization” in the consumption of spirits, which perfectly matches our philosophy. We are happy to follow this path with SPRITHÖKER at our side,” says Carla Escalona, Ron Carúpano’s Head of International Business.

The launch of Ron Carúpano in Germany represents the growth of an award-winning brand that embodies both the country and culture of Venezuela, as well as the expansion of a traditional brand and its quality.