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327 Rum XO | German Rum Festival 2023

Named in honor of the year, when the sugarcane was first discovered to start the story of rum. The story of rum started, when the men of Alexander the Great discovered the sugarcane – “reeds that make honey with no bees” – during the Indian campaign in 327 B.C.
That particular date is one of the most significant in the story of rum — the date when the sugarcane began to spread around the world.

Taste the story

A journey that begins with sweet, tropical fruit, citrus and vanilla notes and ends with caramel, aged oak and molasses finish. Can be enjoyed neat, with ice or in a premium cocktail.

This Caribbean elixir is a blend of specially selected aged rums from Guyana, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela and natural extracts, born to bring to this world unexplored premium spirit. A unique double-aging method is used to finish our rum blend with exceptional tropical notes.

History of creation

Once upon a time three guys went to The Caribbean Islands and fell in love with the smoothest, tropical spirit – AGED RUM. We started to dive into the rum world and become so passionate, that we decided to create something special, something unique. We live in the cold north, so we tried to make our rum for those, who want to feel the climate of hot tropical days and get warm at home on cold winter nights. All our bottles are hand-crafted and each of them has its hand bottling certificate. When we created our rum, we wanted to make a drink with a delicious taste which impressed not only men, but also women and especially couples. Neat or on the rocks, in a calm evening atmosphere, with a glass of water for dehydration… We believe that our rum is an excellent drink for both sexes!

Our blend

The creation of our blend starts from 4 Caribbean countries:
Guyana, Venezuela, Panama and Guatemala as the first step in aging and then goes to Continental Europe for the second aging. We have carefully chosen those 4 Caribbean countries for our blend because of their exclusive rums, which give a bouquet of exceptional tastes and flavors together.

As a result of double aging, we created an exclusive aged rum. All our rums are aged not less than 7 years in Caribbean tropics in different barrels, which gives them a smooth and sweet palate. Therefore, we ship the blend to Europe to finish it with exceptional tropical extracts by using our own continental aging techniques. We use high quality spring water from the north to dilute our blend until 40% ABV and then bottle it by ourselves.

So, you get hot tropical and cold Nordic characters in one bottle together.