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Koloa Rum | German Rum Festival 2023


The Kōloa Rum Company is a craft distillery of premium rum produced in small-batch. Located on the small Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi, also called the Garden Island, Kōloa Rum uses local sugar cane and rainwater from Mount Waiʻale’ale, the island’s highest mountain and volcano.

Sugar cane was brought by Polynesian explorers when they migrated to Hawaii from the South Pacific. Commercial sugar production began in 1835 in the town of Kōloa. The first harvest in 1837 yielded two tons of raw sugar, and rum production also began in the islands at the same time, but similar to some Caribbean islands, it declined long ago due to lack of profitability and ceased completely.
The legacy of sugar and rum production in Hawaii lives on today through Kōloa Rum. Since 2009, the Kōloa Rum Company has been the first licensed distillery on the island of Kauaʻi and is now known even in Europe for its premium rums. In this way, the company creates jobs while diversifying the local economy and preserving important agricultural land.

Kōloa is thus deeply rooted in Hawaiian heritage and reflects a commitment to supporting the local community and building perspectives away from tourism, because “Ohana” has a deep meaning for Hawaiians. Ohana describes a way of life, an attitude – ohana is family. And that is an important part of the “Spirit of Aloha”. For furhter information