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El Ron del Artesano | German Rum Festival 2023

It was back in 1887 when Viktor was born, and our family history in distilling started.

Just 7 years before his father founded his own distillery and cooperage. On a small scale he produced spirits and repaired and built casks.
His son Viktor shared his passion and learnt quite young the art of destillation and the making of casks. At the age of 18 he wanted to see which spirits were aged in the casks and he left to discover the world and learn more about destillation. He gathered a lot of experience and after three years he returned home to help his family.
The passion for crafted spirits made him produce his own spirits, ageing them in his own casks. He stayed in his hometown in the Black Forest, and it took two more generations to get in touch with the world of rum. Until today three generations followed his path.

The fifth generation had an own dream – a crafted rum, made without any added flavours, nor added sugar. A rum just aged and influenced by nature and the casks, a craftsman’s work, that was the birth of El Ron del Artesano.

Sebastian – our responsible of ageing and selection processes

The fifth generation discovered its own passion, directly linked to Panama. Sebastian started the cask selection in Panama 2012 and is today our responsible guy for all ageing and selection processes. Our daily work is sometimes heavy but always done with passion for the wonderful product we want to bring into your glas.
It is a craftmans work and we do not use any additives, neither aromas, nor sugar. We want to show you the pure and clear flavour of our rums.

El Ron del Artesano is ageing

in specially selected casks until it is decided by tasting, that it is ready to be bottled. It is not filtered, nor artificially couloured. It is crafted, not created, selected out of the best Panamanian rum casks ageing in the family’s warehouse. Bottling and labeling is done by hand, to honour the craftsman’s work.

On the label you can see Viktor, building a cask, with his hat, his beard and his smile, which he always showed while working. Our grandma remembers him as a modest dad, distiller and craftman. El Ron del Artesano is an homage to his live and work. Until his death in 1959 he gave the ideas, the power and the passion to this distillery and made this rum possible. Every single bottling reminds us of his will to work and his happiness.

El Ron del Artesano is a rum, which shows the work of the cooper and distiller, a piece of art, every bottling different, but always aiming at offering the best possible quality.
May your smile be as Viktor’s and Sebastian’s while enjoying this rum.

And there is still something more to tell…
This beautiful little plot in the highlands of Boquete is our new home. We are building a new distillery out here to make the following quality even more precise and made 100% by hand…
We will let you know more soon…