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Rumclub Private Selection | German Rum Festival 2023


At Spirit of Rum, in addition to importing and distributing various brands from all over the world, we also operate as an independent bottler with our own brand “Rumclub Private Selection”. Since 2014, we have been selecting exceptionally good rum barrels, creating our own blends or finishing in selected barrels ourselves. Rumclub Private Selection always stands for the authentic taste of rum, because rum can be much more than just sweet: it is the most diverse spirit in the world and we try to prove that anew with every bottling. Our claim is to find special barrels from the most diverse destinations and to bottle them unadulterated, i.e. without the addition of sugar or other additives. In order to preserve the full flavor, we completely dispense with filtration processes for our bottlings.
Since they are usually single casks, the number of bottles is very limited, all bottles are filled, labeled, sealed and numbered by hand. Thus, we guarantee the greatest care and best taste of our Rumclub Private Selection.

During the 12th German Rum Festival we will present our latest edition – Edition 37. What will it be? Let us surprise you. We only say Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados…