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Eminente | German Rum Festival 2023

The youngest Cuban maestro Ronero

Raised in sugar cane fields that stretched “as far as the eye could see,” César Martí learned his craft from his grandparents and maternal family, who, having worked in the sugar industry, passed on generations of know-how to him. He dedicated his career to the pursuit of the highest quality in Cuban rum. Martí not only became Cuba’s youngest Maestro Ronero, but achieved that status in just nine years, an achievement that remains unsurpassed to this day.

The Eminente Reserva

Eminente sets new standards with the Reserva, which is produced with 70% of the older Aguardientes, the highest
proportion among all Cuban rums. César Martí drew inspiration from 19th century Cuban rum and brought a new complexity to this central Cuban rum by mastering the art of aging and blending aguardientes (or Cuban sugar cane eaux-de-vie).

Eminente embodies the rebirth of the Cuban rum of the XIX century, made by César Martí, the youngest maestro Ronero (rum master) of the island, and aged for at least 7 years in white oak barrels. Eminente Reserva is not only suitable for drinking neat, over ice or in cocktails, but also has the aesthetics of a traditional Cuban light rum with the complexity and depth of a very old one. For more information, please visit: