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Gold of Mauritius | German Rum Festival 2023

The brand Gold of Mauritius is all about the beauty and luxury of the island, its authenticity, elegance, and sophistication.

Gold of Mauritius Dark Rum is a brilliant homage to the beauty of the island in the Indian Ocean, with its multicultural population and their traditions. It reflects the richness of the island, the stunning landscape with distinctive mountain peaks, fertile valleys, and beautiful beaches – and the smiles of the people who live here. Since its introduction in 2014, Gold of Mauritius has become a global reference. Today, the company presents the classic Dark Rum and two beautiful Solera aged 5 and 8 years under the brand name Gold of Mauritius.

The production of rum from local sugarcane molasses has a long history in Mauritius, dating back to 1850. The sugar trade has long been the main economic pillar, and today several distilleries are in operation, constantly investing in state-of-the-art technology.

This dark rum is a blend of various individual molasses distillates from the island, which are refined through an elaborate process and achieve their harmonious and aromatic flavor after maturation. Only small quantities are produced, personally monitored by the owner. As Frederic Bestel, the Master Blender, explains, he uses elements and experiences from various sources, such as the production process from Central America and the barrels from South Africa. This blend of influences corresponds to the cultural diversity found in Mauritius.

Gold of Mauritius Dark Rum

Gold of Mauritius Dark Rum embodies the essence of this tropical island with its rich culture and history. A fusion of the finest flavors and purest rums pays tribute to the diversity of its people.

This light and full-bodied rum reveals notes of oak, malt, and roasted nuts. It has a well-balanced nose, mouthfeel, and finish. It can be enjoyed neat or mixed in cocktails for an additional flavor.

Gold of Mauritius Solera 5

Gold of Mauritius Solera 5 is the refinement of the globally acclaimed Gold of Mauritius Dark Rum, showcasing its outstanding tasting notes.

The rum possesses a mature woody signature that is enhanced by notes of malt and nuts. The Solera 5 is like a heartwarming tropical sunset: intense and stunning.

Gold of Mauritius Solera 8

The Gold of Mauritius Solera 8 is the reward for patience and meticulous care. After a long and gentle maturation, the result fills the brand with pride. It offers a completely new experience of the classic Gold of Mauritius, thanks to its evolution over eight long years. A matured rum that brings heavier and more full-bodied notes of chocolate, nuts, and coffee.

Well-balanced notes of chocolate, coffee, and nuts. Absolutely stunning!