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Alder-Rum – The Next Generation

We are very happy to present you our Alder rum for the first time at this year’s Rum Festival. Through perhaps fateful circumstances and possibly (happy) coincidence, the road has led us to the Alder Rum or even the Alder Rum found to us.

The story of our rum begins 14 years ago, when we, as a classic Hanseatic “pepper bag”, sought to open up new markets for rich and high quality organic agricultural commodities. Our “journey” finally took us to South America in the beautiful country of Paraguay. Here we learned a lot about the raw sugar from sugar cane. The organic sugar cane molasses, which is produced during the organic cane sugar production, became our specialty and we established this great product on our domestic agricultural commodity market with great success.

Over the years, not only interesting and inspiring business relationships have developed, but also friendships. Business meetings mingled with friendly company and, of course, a special rum was often handed out and appreciated. In addition, we quickly learned that molasses is an integral part of rum production. Over time, two things came together that are close to our hearts.

The peculiarity of our rum lies not only in its high quality biological raw materials, but also in the uniqueness of its manufacturing process. Thanks to the patented biotechnological process, we can achieve a taste comparable to that of a 10-year aging process in just a few weeks. Of course, the special taste nuance is created without artificial additives – “ “Alder-Rum is a rum of the next generation and brings Zeitgeist and quality in a nutshell.

Our history, characterized by high standards of fair trade and high-quality products, is here in the fluid transition to taste, lifestyle and zest for life. Also our name “Alder-Rum” is authentic and “pure”. “Alder” on the one hand stands for our Hamburg roots – in Hamburg they say “Moin” and “Alder” or just like “Moin, Alder!” – and on the other hand for its exclusive, unique taste due to the alder wood (alder) , Everything is just right here.

We are very happy to welcome you to our booth this year and to convince you with our Alder Rum.

Harry Geiseler