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Deadhead Rum

Ron Deadhead is an award winning premium rum made by Iconic Brands, based in the Mexican state of Veracruz. The tropical Veracruz is a region with a Caribbean soul, known for its deep caves, high mountains, abundant rain and fertile, lush sugar cane plantations. Rums from this region are among the best in the world. The rum consists of a mixture of sugarcane juice and molasses and is produced with the utmost care. After its slow fermentation, the sugarcane juice is distilled twice in the pot style. The spirit then rests for six years in selected oak barrels and is last artfully dazzled in the solera process.

Ron Deadhead Dark Chocolate

The Ron Deadhead Dark Chocolate is made from pure sugar cane juice and molasses. In small batches fresh sugar cane juice is fermented slowly and then distilled twice in copper kettles. Meanwhile, the molasses is gradually cooked and then simply distilled in column style. These two rums form the basis of Deadhead Rum and are critical to its perfect harmony and complexity. The sugarcane juice rum ripens in American oak barrels while the molasses rum is stored in both American and Chiapas oak casks. The interaction of the wood gives this rum a luxurious color and elegant aromas. After ripening, the rum is mixed with the finest chocolate from the region’s cocoa beans and rests for another sixty days. This gentle infusion process enhances the natural qualities of the aged rum and creates a perfect balance between rum and chocolate.