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QRM Oliver & Oliver rely on premium quality

Ron Quorhum 12 Años 

QRM, Oliver & Oliver always rely on premium quality and the Ron Quorhum is one of the most popular products of the house. This 12-year-old rum shows that even the youngest of the Quorhum series does not need to hide behind its older family members. The Ron Quorhum 12 Años was stored according to the traditional solera process in former bourbon barrels, giving it a light mahogany color. Ron Quorhum 12 Años infatuates with warm wood and caramel aromas, which develop gently in the nose and already indicate a variety of flavors. Sugarcane, vanilla, coffee, chocolate and citrus fruits are found in the mouth, so that the finish creates a pleasant feeling and lingers for some time.

Ron Quorhum 12

Ron Quorhum 15 Años

If you can not choose between a young or an old rum, Ron Quorhum 15 Años is the best choice. The climatic conditions of the Dominican Republic and the storage period of 15 years have helped Ron Quorhum 15 Años to perfection. Its dark color alone suggests what the contents of the bottle have to offer. Bourbon barrels and barrels in which sherry or port wine had previously been stored were used in the solera process for storage. Each Fassaroma has been able to transfer its properties to the Ron Quorhum 15 Años, which is reflected in a fascinating variety of flavors. Smoke, grape, cranberry and chocolate aromas are the dominant ones. He is very balanced and sensitive. Toffee and caramel are also to taste over a longer period of time and end with light chocolate notes on the finish.

Ron Quorhum QRM 15

Ron Quorhum 23 Años

Mahogany he shimmers in the glass and just waiting to be enjoyed. He reveals all the dark aromas Rumkenner can only dream of. On the nose are warm and heavy aromas, such as truffles, cocoa, tropical fruits and wood. Once the first sip has been made, the spell is broken. Numerous nuances come to the fore that capture the whole mouth. These include, in addition to a gentle sweetness, and bitter notes, as they occur in the finest chocolates. The barrels used for storage can be tasted easily. Bourbon, port, sherry are first and foremost. Also at Ron Quorhum Oliver & Oliver relied on the traditional solera process. This rum is best enjoyed naturally and room tempered in good company.

Ron Quorhum 23 Años

Ron Quorhum 30 Años

The oldest of the family Quorhum is 30 years old and bears the inconspicuous name Ron Quorhum 30 Años. Oliver & Oliver have set a new standard in rum production with this rum. There is so much dedication and experience in this rum that you can almost feel it, just moving your nose over a glass filled with Ron Quorhum 30 Años. It smells of cocoa, toffee, coffee, tobacco, vanilla, caramel, spices and grapes. Flooded, the taste is distributed with all its fine nuances in the mouth, to unite after a few seconds, back to a complex overall picture. After the departure, Ron Quorhum 30 Años remains for quite a while, so that his noble taste can continue to spread in the mouth to fade away very slowly. What makes him special is that he is very soft, mild and strong at the same time.

Ron Quorhum 30 años