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Rene’s Rarities

We are Martyna Halas & Rene van Hoven and together we cover (almost) all drinks of the world. Rene is a Rum- and Whisky nerd, wine & spirits specialist, international tasting judge, journalist, book author and certified educator. Martyna is the beer Queen, content writer, editor and Social Media specialist. We are both passionate about flavours and for us the old stuff cant be replaced, but we love the modern craft stuff as well. We aim for quality!!!

As a drinks couple we sell our private vintage bottlings of Rum on festivals. This happens per shot and we tell our audience the stories behind the label. We let you taste things that are no longer for sale for sure while several of them are not even produced any more. Rene’s Rarities is a journey in time and you can taste it in your glass. At our booth you will find Rum from the previous century and some will even be older than you or your parents are. Our oldest Rum is from before 1900, so we are sure this statement is a fact.

So come and purchase some old Rum while we explain what you are drinking. Not what you will taste, that is for you to decide and you can tell us what it was after trying it.