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GRANDER, the ultimate catch

Grander - der ultimative Fang

If you catch a 1000-pound blue marlin as a deep-sea angler, you call this ultimate catch a “grander” and rarely catch more than a handful each year. Due to the natural production and without the use of any colorants, flavorings or additives, the multi-award winning Grander is just such a rare, ultimate catch.

The distillate of Ingenio San Carlos Distillery from Panama has been ripened for 8 years in ex-Bourbon oak barrels from Kentucky. The Grander Panama rum is neither post-saturated nor colored, and so this rum is simply honest and authentic, as rum purists today wish. Grander is a molasses rum, which is made from in-house, hand-harvested sugarcane and in a copper-column-still. The yeast used for fermentation is an in-house creation and rearing.

On the nose you can feel especially spicy, toasted wood notes in combination with vanilla appeal. These oak notes are also reflected in the taste, paired with notes of chestnut and dried fruit, as well as nuances bourbon and sugarcane with a mild long and warming finish.