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La Ile de la Réunion

The “island of the gathering” belongs to the archipelago of the Mascarene Islands and is located about 700 km east of Madagascar off the coast of South-East Africa. This is the home of the Savanna distillery, which we would like to bring you closer to today …

… sit back, make yourself comfortable and let us take you on a little trip with us …

… discovered in 1512 by Pedro Mascarenhas (Portuguese navigator, explorer and diplomat), the island with a total area of ​​almost 2,500 square kilometers is one of the most beautiful small paradises in the Indian Ocean. It is both an overseas department and a region of France and thus belongs to the European Union. Sugar cane and its processing have been a pillar of the island’s economy, culture and way of life since the 18th century. The volcanic soil provides excellent breeding ground for different varieties of sugar cane, which are harvested in the rain-free months between July and December. This, in combination with the finest spring water of the island – from molasses as well as from fresh sugar cane juice – produces high-quality rhums.

La Destillerie de Savanna

he distillery was founded in 1870 in a district called Savanna, which is located in the city of Saint-Paul. After more than 100 years, it was strategically relocated from the west to the east of the island – to Bois-Rouge. Since then, the Savanna Rhums have been distilled and stored right next to the sugar cane plantations. The history and the origin were never forgotten and in order to always remember the beginnings, they remained faithful to the name Savanna.

“Our world is a subtle alliance of passion and patience. Time is our constant companion that enriches the challenge and influences every step in the production of our rhums. ”

Laurant Broc – author of the quote and director of the Savanna distillery – describes the operation and production of the distillery with 3 very appropriate attributes:


Traditionel, Grand Arôme, Rhum Agricole – Savanna Rhums reflect the high standard of prestigious products produced with the utmost respect for crafting techniques. The individual semi-manual bottling method and the exclusive cooperation for the exchange of barrels for storage and maturation with the Scottish Edradour Distillery are just two examples of the quest for perfection.


Savanna Rhums are produced in limited quantities for lovers of the finest spirits. Some of the rarest creations – the Grand Arôme Range as an example – are based on old and closely guarded secret recipes.

Savanna Agricole


The emphasis on old values ​​and the reflection on the roots are the most important asset for the owners and Master Blender – according to the slogan of the island: “Florebo quocumque ferar” – “I bloom wherever I am planted”!
Not cold-filtered, the rhums reveal rich and authentic aromas guaranteed by strict monitoring of the maturation and storage of each individual rhum.

The Rhums d’Excellence

As one of four distilleries in the world producing the “Grand Arôme” R (h), Savanna has multi-faceted methods to produce her extensive product range and create her own outstanding character.
In addition to an excellent base range, consisting of white and golden rhums made from both molasses and fresh sugar cane juice and distillates stored for up to 10 years, the focus of the brand is clearly on the strictly limited and characteristic specialties:

„Rar – Le Rhum Grand Arôme“

This Rhum series expresses the noblest and most exclusive aromas of molasses – the “honey of the sugarcane” – thanks to an “old-fashioned” very slow but extremely skillful fermentation process in a unique copper Savalle distillation column.

“Unique – Single Cask & Barrel Filling”

These rhums are made on the production basis of the largest Scottish whiskey distilleries and are each unique in their own right. The selection is extremely careful. Only the most extraordinary qualities find their way from the single cask into the bottle.

“Limited – Old Rhums with a special finish or dual barrel storage”

These are a high quality selection of distillates from the “heart” of the distillery’s own “shed”, maturing in barrels of the regions of Allier and Limousin, where the finest cognac had previously slumbered. Part of this selection is transferred to carefully selected Port, Xerez, Muscatel or Calvados barrels for the last few months of storage and individually refined. Each production step of the Savanna distillery takes place on site in the distillery. This means that all distillates are fully traceable.