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With the sailing ship to Europe

Tres Hombres Rum is a delight for anyone who shares the passion of the three daydreamer who brought their dream to life with the Tres Hombres …
Since 2009, the three captains have been sailing across the Atlantic with a small regular crew and numerous changing trainees, trading as they did 150 years ago. Without a motor, electricity or navigation device, you will start the journey of several weeks from your home port of Amsterdam with a packed cargo space. On the way to the Caribbean in Norway cod is collected, in France olives and olive oil and in Portugal port wine. Once in the Caribbean, all goods are sold in different ports just to regain space in the hold. Then on to various distilleries where classic rum is loaded in oak barrels and cocoa and coffee beans.

Back in Amsterdam, the liquid treasures are then bottled, sealed and labeled by hand. The special thing about these bottlings are the limited quantities. As before, only what is available is bottled. First, there is only room for about 16-22 barrels on board. And on the other hand, no blends are designed according to special taste characteristics, so that each edition has its own special charm. This makes the rums of Tres Hombres real collector’s items! A captain would not be a real captain if he did not pick the best pieces out of his hold, and so every year there are a few bottles of Captains Choice bottlings – straight from the barrel into the clay bottle, of course, in cask strength.

Tres Hombres