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Clément | German Rum Festival 2023

The House of Clément was founded in 1887 by Homère Clément, doctor and mayor of Le François, and is today one of the most important producers of Rhum Agricole in Martinique. The company headquarters is the Habitation Clément in Le François in the east of the island. Production takes place in the Rhumerie Simon.

Despite modernization and globalization, Clément produces exclusively according to traditional methods and the guidelines for the AOC certificate and has thus been able to preserve its authenticity. The sugar cane used for the production of these excellent rhums comes from independent producers in the AOC areas of Martinique.

Today, the brand is present in over 65 countries around the world with its remarkable qualities that regularly receive high awards. Among the most famous products is the Rhum Clément Agricole Blanc, ideal for Ti’ Punches and classic cocktails.