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Vana Tallinn

The Hanseatic city of Tallinn, in the heart of Estonia, has a long tradition of seafaring. Through the long journeys, the most precious spices, rum and noblest aromas have been refined into one of Estonia’s best-known brands. Vana Tallinn is the most popular Estonian liqueur in the world, produced in Tallinn since 1960.

The best ingredients, such as vanilla pods, cinnamon sticks and nutmeg, are perfectly balanced by lemon zest, ginger, orange peel and orange oils. Aromatic and complex. The sweet nuance of Jamaica rum combines the liqueur to a noble elixir.

The product family of Vana Tallinn consists of several members. Starting with the standard Vana Tallinn Rumlikör in different alcohol contents, over the Dark Liquorice up to the noble, unique Vana Tallinn Elegancé, where an 8-year-old Martinique Agricole Rhum forms the basis; a perfect companion to the cigar.