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Isautier | German Rum Festival 2023

A rum with the intense flavours of a volcanic island – La Réunion – rising dramatically in the midst of  the Indian Ocean.  A rum with a family pedigree dating back seven generations to 1845.  This is Isautier’s unique and defining character.


During the reign of King Louis Philippe 1st of France, Louis and Charles Isautier set out from mainland France and sailed across the oceans to move to Réunion Island. Fascinated by the island and its wealth of sugar cane, they founded the family business in 1845. Six successive generations of the Isautier family have built up the distinguished history of the oldest distillery on Réunion Island.

Our rums and liqueurs

Isautier has made top quality rum on Réunion Island for seven generations. The family’s deep affinity with the island’s exceptional terroir has inspired the Isautier creations down the ages. Isautier rums have a delightful luminous hue, and on the palate they are fine, expressive and well-rounded, with characteristic notes of ocean spray.

Our “arhumatiks”

In 2020, Isautier launched the ‘arhumatik’ collection, premium rum liqueurs with 100% natural fruit ingredients. These liqueurs are made with Isautier traditional rum and feature the natural juice, extracts or pulp of tropical fruits, creating an array of exciting flavours and aromas.

Our gold rums

In the image of the Reunion Island terroir, our gold rums have a lively, complex character with prominent flavours of ripe and crystallised fruits harmonising with delightful spicy notes. This rums are aged in oak barrels in our cellar at Saint-Pierre, Reunion Island.

Our “douceurs d’arrangé”

The ‘douceurs d’arrangé’ are rum-based cream liqueurs which enable consumers to explore more of Reunion Island’s unique taste experiences. These liqueurs are much appreciated for their smooth qualities and sumptuous flavours.

Our white rums

Fresh, fruity, spicy and delicately iodised, Isautier white rums reflect the exquisite terroir of Reunion Island. Sugar cane cultivation became established on the island in the 17th century and the sugar cane is nourished by the highly fertile mineral-rich volcanic soil. The climate – tropical, oceanic and maritime – is influenced by the tradewinds that carry in the ocean spray which plays a defining role in shaping the distinctive character of Isautier rums.

Our “arrangés”

Over the last 15 years, Isautier has affirmed its role as pioneer and leader in ‘arrangés’ by creating and developing this segment. Isautier’s lavish range of ‘arrangés’ embodies the riches of the island’s myriad perfumes, flavours and colours, and frequently receives ‘best taste’ awards (‘Saveurs de l’Année’).

Our old rums

Perfectly balanced, Isautier’s aged rums have a highly individual style: fresh and fruity with a delicate oakiness and delightful notes of ocean spray. The rums are crafted in a column still and nurtured in our cellar, in bespoke fine-grained French oak barrels during at least 3 years. Subsequent chill filtration ensures the finest expression of their organoleptic qualities. Our meticulous procedures and attention to detail are key to the outstanding quality of our rums.