You are currently viewing Cachaça Delicana – Seven times champion at GRF

Cachaça Delicana – Seven times champion at GRF

Delicana spoils you for the 10th Rum Fest with the newest flagship: Putumujú 5 yrs, processed in elegant and modern cocktails! Their legendary Brazilian Mule will also be there again: Delicana cinnamon, ginger beer and freshly squeezed lime juice.

The extra mild cachaça gets its incomparably mild and flowery note through the artesanal production (handmade).

The growing area: Salinas / Minas Gerais Norte

The noble cask portfolio : Jequitibá, Umburana, Balsamo, Ipé Roxo, Putumujú, oak (Carvalho), storage from 6 months to 10 years.

Their maxim: Quality instead of quantity – 100% natural cachaça for cool cocktails

They also want to convince you why you Caipirinha, Batida de Coco and many other cocktails that are mixed with Artesanal Cachaças should be given preference!

  • The multiple award-winning, barrel-stored and pot still distilled cachaças from DELICANA are pure natural products of the highest quality without chemical additives.
  • Ecologically dynamic sugar cane cultivation (no artificial fertilizers and pesticides) and careful handling during the harvest!
  • The exceptional quality of our spirits results from the cooperation and constant control with their Brazilian partners.
  • The home of the exclusively traditionally produced premium cachaça is the north of Minas Gerais, Expected by experts as one of the best growing areas for sugar cane in Brazil.
  • You can choose from: Currently more than 10 different types of cachaça in extra-mild and aromatic flavors. Further product information can be found in the Delicana Cachaçaria!

The sugar cane brandies, which are distilled using the traditional method and stored in wooden barrels, unfortunately still occupy a niche position in Germany, perhaps Cachaça Artesanal, white Brazilian cane sugar and good ice cream will help revive the caipirinha in Germany.

Cachaça Delicana, your spirit for 100% Brazilian natural cachaça in premium quality.