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Gold of Mauritius at the #9GRF

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Gold of Mauritius at the #9GRF

« Gold of Mauritius is a rum that epitomizes the essence of this tropical island with its beautiful landscapes, rich culture and history.»

Gold of Mauritius Dark Rum represents a brilliant tribute to the beauty of the island in the Indian Ocean with its multicultural population and their traditions. It reflects the richness of the island, the breathtaking landscape with distinctive mountain peaks, fertile valleys and beautiful beaches – and the smiles of the people who live here. Since its launch in 2014, Gold of Mauritius has become a reference around the world. Today, the company presents the classic Dark Rum and a beautiful Solera of 5 years under the brand name Gold of Mauritius.

The production of rum from local sugar cane molasses has a long history in Mauritius, which dates back to the year 1850. Sugar trade was the most important economic pillar for a long time and today, several distilleries are operating and are constantly investing in state-of-the-art technology.

This dark rum is a blend of various single molasses distillates from the island, refined in an elaborate process which then reaches its harmonious and aromatic flavour after maturing. Only small amounts are produced at one time, monitored personally by the owner. As Frederic Bestel, the Master Blender explains, he is using elements and experiences from various sources: for example, the manufacturing process from Central America and the barrels from South Africa. This mixture of influences matches the cultural diversity which is found on Mauritius.

After its first market entry in 2014 Gold of Mauritius received acclamations and medals from around the world and became a secret ‘New Classic’ in the Rum world.

Gold of Mauritius Classic Dark Rum Tasting Notes

This light and mouthful rum gives us notes of oak, malt and roasted nuts. Well balanced nose, mouth and aftertaste. Gold of Mauritius captures the spirit of the island. It can be savored straight or mixed in cocktails for an additional taste. The (G)old Fashioned being one of them. The Classic Dark Rum is presented in an elegant square shaped glass carafe with a wooden stopper.

Gold of Mauritius Solera 5 Tasting Notes

Solera 5 by Gold of Mauritius has a mature woody signature which underlines the dance of tropical sunshine, malt and nuts known to the outstanding Gold of Mauritius. Roasted nuts, chocolate and vanilla enchant the nose and an intense and luscious complexity reveals itself in the body with oak, malt and a discreet sweetness. A smooth and mouthful Rum. A true treasure.

Solera 5 is presented in a heavy glass carafe with an uncommon shape: the base is round and morphs into a square at the height of the bottle shoulder. A noble gold printing in relief adds to the prestigious new presentation.