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EKTE SPIRTS The Formula of a Curious Spirit

EKTE SPIRTS The Formula of a Curious Spirit

EKTE SPIRITS is the only independent bottler out of Copenhagen – Denmark. Daniel Nunez, Head Rum Geek behind EKTE spirits, and partners have a curious, innovative and creative approach to portraying spirits, where transparency and traceability are corner stones, in an industry where the majority frowns upon this.

EKTE CollectionEKTE spirits is curiosity beyond measure. The uncovering of these noble and enigmatic liquors for years, has led to a tireless investigation into the understanding of flavours and real quality. In our constant search for truly exiting tastes we have made our own delicious expressions of rums.

Through our investigation EKTE spirits ended recreating an old German rum profile without intent to do so, but happened because of the head rumgeeks love for the high ester Jamaican rum, which comes through in the “Pungent & Geeky” blend. This blend recreated the old High Ester Jamaican rum profile, that use to be delivered to the German market in the 1950’s, 60’s and finishing in the beginning of the 70’s where this profile was taken off the market.

Our Limited Releases is a true Single Barrel Concept. Small yet precious, this is a work of art which is every collector’s dream come true. Every single bottle is untouched, from the barrel, and equipped with a number. They only live once. These shooting stars are indeed rare.

EKTE spirits has the honour of working out of one of Europe’s oldest family run distilleries, dating back to 1831, which is located near Bilbao in northern Spain. Here we have been so fortunate to be able to work our liquids and product development, having access to all the facilities, including 2 old cognac pot stills from 1870. All of these facilities and experience has given EKTE spirits the possibility to develop great products as can be tasted through their portfolio of products.