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World’s End Rum in Berlin

World’s End Rum in Berlin. What is it?

World's End RumWorld’s End Rum is a smooth blend of Caribbean 3 to 5 year old rums. Rums that already have a nice matureness and a wide body from barrel aging. We selected several rums on flavor and subtile notes. From this we created a perfect blend as a starting point for our World’s End Rum series.

First rum that we created is a Dark Spiced Rum. A wide variety of spices and fruits leave a complex flavour in the mouth. Brings you notes of mango, banana, cinnamon, vanilla, dark chocolat, coffee. The perfect after dinner drink straight or on the rock’s. Easy to drink and easy to use in cocktails. A nice complexity and mysteriousness from the first sip, a smooth aftertaste with a perfect sweetness.

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