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Wild Tiger Rum from India

Wild Tiger Rum from India

Wild Tiger Rum is owned by drinks entrepreneur, Gautom Menon, and the brand originates from Kerala in South India. The first Wild Tiger Rum was launched at the UK Rumfest in 2015. Besides being ´the land of tigers’, India is also the world’s largest producer of rum, of which many of them are only cheap mixers. That is why Wild Tiger Rum is Indias very first premium rum, primarily intended for export so the world can get the chance to experience a premium rum from India. This excotic Tiger Rum is distilled, matured and bottled in Kerala in South India.

Wild Tiger Rum takes on responsibility

Today only 2200 tigers exist in the Indian forests, and the majestic Wild Cat faces an extinction. As a result of that, Wild Tiger Rum donates 10% of profits towards Tiger Conservation in South India via Wild Tiger Foundation. Furthermore, the brand strives to create equal opportunities and foster women’s empowerment in the state of Kerala. Every bottle is unique, and the velvet fabric sleeve on the bottles is handmade by these South Indian women.


Wrapped in velvet fabric sleeves with every bottle having its own unique distinctive stripes design. The imitation claw adds edge to the overall packaging. The top portion of the cap is embossed with the pug marks of a tiger, and the neck tag contains myriad of information on the rum brand.

Wild Tiger RumDid you know?

The origin of earliest distillation of sugar cane can be traced to Ancient India from where sugar cane spread to rest of the world and much later to the Caribbean. Even today India is the world’s largest producer and consume

Wild Tiger Rum (orange bottle)

Intensely aromatic with hints of vanilla, toasted wood and caramel on the nose. Wild Tiger Rum is creamy and smooth on the palate with prominent undertones of molasses, candied orange peel, almond and slight oak notes. It is medium-bodied with a complexity of flavours and a lingering aftertaste. (Alcohol: 40%)

Wild Tiger Spiced RumWild Tiger Spiced Rum (Red bottle)

Wild Tiger Spiced Rum is predominantly a molasses-based rum made with rich flavours of the Malabar coast. The nose is pronounced notes of zesty tangerine, and cardamom flavours come through like petrichor and fresh cut grass. On the palate it is earthy, fresh and full of spices as black pepper, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon, which hit your tongue. This spiced rum takes your imagination to South India with a warming mouth feel with lots of aromas and flavours that are beautifully textured. The finish is intense and profoundly delightful, more spicy than sweet. (Alcohol: 38%)