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Rum Malecon

Malecon – pursuit of perfection

Rum MaleconAs it is with all fine things, the pursuit of perfection and class in well-made rum is something that must not be hurried and cannot be rushed. Like rare artwork, its value appreciates with time, maturity, and the utmost patience.

Rum Malecon is the conceptualization of these ideals – the combination of one man’s pure vision (Marco Savio, the Rum Malecon brand owner) and another’s innate skill (Francisco Fernandez, the master blender), brought to life in the bottle.

Today, Rum Malecon celebrates the marriage of the perfection of Panamanian sugar cane with the knowledge and craftsmanship of a celebrated Cuban blender. Sweet, premium cane molasses is fermented and distilled with loving care, only to rest for decades in re-charred bourbon barrels. Only the finest casks are selected to be blended and crafted into what is Panama finest rum. Rum Malecon – named after a legendary street in the heart of Havana, Cuba – is a rum for the curious spirit and the adventurer inside us all!

The newly introduced Rare Proof range of Malecon has already been awarded outstanding medals. For this range, selected cask from one vintage are bottled at a higher alcohol strength to preserve the powerful taste of these casks. At this year’s ISW Malecon Rare Proof 13, 18 and 20 all were awarded a Gold medal.