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Rum Fire Velvet – Jamaica calling!

Rum Fire Velvet – Jamaica calling!

Hampden Estate is proud to bring a taste of authentic Jamaica again to the 6th German Rum Festival!

The high ester Hampden rums, derived solely from copper pot stills, are legendary in the cane spirits community and have a very distinct flavor profile. Of all rum distilleries in Jamaica, the process of rum production at Hampden is the most unchanged from how it looked and operated hundreds of years ago and produces the highest ester rum of any Jamaican distillery, the direct result of its terroir, fermentation and careful batch distillation process.

Stop by the booth to sample Rum Fire Velvet & Hampden Gold, or sip a Rum Fire Velvet Daiquiri while talking to Marketing Director from Jamaica, Christelle Harris about Hampden’s legacy, unmistakable terroir and plans for the future.


Rum Fire Velvet and Hampden Gold rums are pure single rums that are funky, vegetal and unmistakably Jamaican. Both rums are imported and distributed by Haromex in Germany.