You are currently viewing ROM CLUB: see, feel, smell and taste Mauritius

ROM CLUB: see, feel, smell and taste Mauritius

ROM CLUB: see, feel, smell and taste Mauritius

Being an island of volcanic origin, Mauritius offers a haven of natural beauty when it comes to flowers, trees and their small inhabitants. Luxuriant forest covered all of Mauritius when man first set his food on the land. Mauritius still retains around 300 species endemic to the island which means that they are found nowhere else in the world. It is a place of abundance for all sensations, Paradise. From the 16th century on, Mauritius was considered of the most importance as a Port-of-Call on the Spice Route.


is a new brand of spirits from Mauritius: Three products, reflecting the diversity and the abundance of the island with its fragrant environment, the exotic aromas and tasty foods. “Rom”, as expressed in Creole language, has been produced in Mauritius for over 150 years. Mauritian Creole is the common language for all ethnic communities of Mauritius: it is based on French, English, Indian and African words. “Nou Rom Morisyen” means our Mauritian Rum. The three bottle labels feature some of the rare endemic flora and fauna in a rich jungle setting.

The main ROM CLUB visual puts you in the Mauritian world of abundance of sensations: a modern lady-of-the-jungle wearing a traditional costume but with a twist, and standing inmidst of Paradise in front of a turquoise blue lagoon. This is the place where you want to be.


A blend of premium Mauritian Rum infused with tropical spices and notes of tropical fruits. The Classic Spiced Rum is complex in the nose, with fruits & spices and especially a recognizable note of Cinnamon. It has a pleasant mouth where fruits such as Grapefruit and Mandarin dominate. Smoothness in the aftertaste, no aggressivity. It can also be enjoyed straight, but is outstanding when mixed into cocktails.

The bottle label of ROM CLUB Classic Spiced features the endemic bird “Cateau Vert” (Echo Parakeet), a noisy bird flying free in the forests of Mauritius.



A Mauritian premium Rum blended to perfection with Sherry-cask leftovers. Powerful and smooth, it has well-identified notes of almond and maraschino cherries at the nose. Molasses, Chocolate, Nuts and Vanilla notes enjoy the palate. Medium to long aftertaste. It is savroured with ice, or mixed in cocktails such as the Daiquiry or the delicious ROM&TONIC.

The label of ROM CLUB Sherry Spiced features beautiful tropical flowers like the Bird of Paradise, Heliconia and the Mauritian National Flower Trochetia Boutoniana, a very rare endemic plant.



Mauritian White Rum, blended to perfection, smooth and delicate. Light and powerful, the nose is clean and pleasant with subtle hints of coconut, Vanilla and Ginger. The palate reminds of smooth sweet orange and light Coconut. It has a well-balanced finish. A perfect Rum for great tropical cocktails.

The ROM CLUB White bottle label features small and delicate endemic flowers of Mauritius: for example Neoscodon Mauritianus which has a very unique red nectar. It is pollinated by small birds called “bulbul”. The red nectar remains inexplained and a mystery to the scientific world.


Frederic Bestel, the young dynamic rum maker from Mauritius, already launched several acclaimed products like Gold of Mauritius, Solera 5 and Mauritius Club in the last years. He now released ROM CLUB, a new brand name for modern, innovative and spicy Rums from Mauritius.