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New Grove – Heritage and Quality

New Grove – Heritage and quality make up the quintessence of our rum.

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New Grove is a family-owned and operated Estate in Mauritius since 1838!

Mahe de Labourdonnais transmitted to Mauritius the French “savoir-faire” in industrial development. The  Domaine de La Villebague, in the village of Pamplemousses, would be the home for the first sugar mill of the island in 1740 and soon after, in 1742, the first rum distillery would come to light. Thanks to Pierre Charles Harel, born in 1806, distillation techniques improved massively as from 1838 along with the legal features. The Domaine de La Villebague is still owned by his heirs who created the company GRAYS INC LTD, which was able to create a unique Mauritian rum, New Grove, that meets the international standards of high quality.

Let’s make it a statement: New Grove Rum’s exclusiveness lies on the land that once saw the first and only distillery at the time of the “Compagnie des Indes”.

New Grove Estate covers over 16,000 hectares and only the finest canes of the best plots of the Domaine are selected to seize the essential element in the concoction of our traditional rum: fresh molasses. When you savour New Grove rums, you are immersing yourself into the very heart of the island’s destiny, carried away on the exhalations of an old tradition and discovering the spirit of the Mauritius – Authentic, warm and welcoming.


Made from the savoir-faire of the first distillery on the island, New Grove suit all tastes: Expressive, subtle or with sweetness, these rums can be enjoyed neat or with your favourite cocktails. Authentic taste, true emotions.